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You are working with a generation of pragmatic, savvy consumers. They want to be romanced by their favourite brands but they can see straight through superficial signalling and gimics. Brands must tie in their tangible assets to any hold sway in 2024.

Look to your marketing science to model the marketspace, then paint the path forward.

Land the basics.

The emotional mind must make a connection to give the rational mind time to be convinced. Cynical brands go for the former, replacable brands go for the latter. Both are short lived.

But great brands seek both. Applying these frameworks to branding is not a new idea, its an very old idea. It's still a very good idea.

Seeking identity.

The most credible do not try to be everything to everyone. Instead they ooze authenticity. They excude their values, at every turn, with perfect consistency. The most strident brands earn their identity, proud of what makes the special while bravely embracing their less fortunate aspects. Brand identity briefs prompt us to model marketspace in search of differentiation and nuance.

  • How do customers perceive the brand?
  • Where is the white space?
  • Where are the most profitable and attainable positions?

The price of love.

A brand must do what it says on the tin, and deliver on its promise. A brand's promise is the value. It can be enhanced through purposeful messaging and reinforced through customer experience.

  • What role does this brand play in the research and purchase cycle?
  • How can this brand be leveraged?
  • How much value does this brand carry in each market?

Brand Equity is the ability to command a price premium simply because a logo appears on the receipt - a monetary value that can be calculated in a spreadsheet.


Brand Strategy briefs ask:

  • How do we grow our brand without alienating core customers?
  • How do we gain relevance in a particular sector or customer group?

These are dynamic briefs that change in realtime. They are politically charged. They are heated arguments. There are one hundred voices speaking at once.

But to marketing science, these are optimisation problems, and the answer is as cold as ice.

Working with survey, sales data, CRM, media spend, web analytics and Big Qual.

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Our go-to techniques.

01Machine Learning
  • Explanatory Modelling
  • Image Recognition
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Optimisation
02Traditional Explanatory
  • Segmentation
  • KANO
  • SEM
  • Penalty Reward Analysis
  • Marketing Mix Modelling
03Traditional Predictive
  • Data Fusion
  • Bayesian A/B Testing
  • Max Diff
  • CBC & Adaptive Conjoint
  • Forecasting
04Data Visualisation
  • Real Time
  • Interactive Analysis
  • Big Qual