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Automation is a moat.

Faster and cheaper research is not a contradiction but a necessity.

To win a new account you’ll need to differentiate your offering but to keep it, you’ll need to automate it.

Winners & Losers.

The losers of the most recent downturns believed what they were doing was too special to automate. They saw automation as boring and inferior. They also underestimated the demand for cookie cutter approaches and so they were the first to fall.

The winners offered consistency and assurances. Automation meant it was too expensive for their hard-earned clients to defect.

Mark this urgent.

As the marginal cost of market research decreases, the ability to grow has everything to do with automation. If something similar can be done at a click of a button – then ultimately it will be, if not by you, then by someone else.

Building a moat.


We break up your process into tasks and learn the rules.


We automate it. You carry on as normal.

Phase in

We trial, working in parallel, gradually replacing the workflow with the automation so that potential errors are caught and edge cases are handled.


We parametise the code to adapt to the unavoidable changing realities of the project.

Wrap up

We deliver a user interface.

Free of repetitive crunching, curious teams then have the space to think and learn, and explore new horizons and engage more worthy problems.