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While data is expensive, its value grows exponentially in the right hands.

We mine.

We never shoehorn data into black box off-the-shelf software then make you pay for costly licenses. We draw exclusively on machine learning to deliver objective and cost effective analyses.

Brute force computing allows us to be 100% confident that every angle is covered.

We model.

We care only about commercial relevancy - models that speak to properly evidenced, actionable outcomes. We don't pretend to be interested in academic nice-to-knows. Neither do your clients.

A data model should tell you only what you need to know, be presented in your own branding, picture perfect and client ready. Gory technicalities belong in appendices.

We visualise.

Clients expect interactive, immersive insights that flex to suit the needs of the day.

Data must be re-made human to cement credibility and continue to forge your client relationship. It must stand on its own, beautiful enough to inspire behavioural change, flying high for the critical months following the debrief.

We work with survey, sales data, CRM, media spend, web analytics and Big Qual.

Malliavin branding & logos do not appear on any deliverables or software.

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01Machine Learning
  • Explanatory Modelling
  • Image Recognition
  • Deep Learning of structured data
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Optimisation
02Traditional Explanatory
  • Segmentation
  • KANO
  • SEM
  • Penalty Reward Analysis
  • Marketing Mix Modelling
03Traditional Predictive
  • Data Fusion
  • Bayesian A/B Testing
  • Max Diff
  • CBC & Adaptive Conjoint
  • Econometrics & Forecasting
04Data Visualisation
  • Real Time
  • Interactive Analysis
  • Big Qual